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Name: player
Their is no football lists on there!!

scroll down
Name: Player
Is there any where on this website or any other that I can check the grading list for the year?
They're on the county website.
Name: che
well mr moderator i can categorically state now that che and fidel are not one and the same person,i thought you were some type of computer whizz kid that you could easily have found this out,obviously you are not up to this task either eh
whatever chidel...
Name: detective
i know che and Fidel's true identity. i think all this bickering must stop, or i will expose u!!!!!!!!!
Everyone including the dogs in the street know who this clown is...get a life Chidel            
Name: Curious???
Was just wondering why there is no report on the st johns game? is a certain someone trying to avoide it??? :)
No report was submitted by you want to write one, that would be great. Email it to
Many thanks for you great offer.
Name: che
well fidel i think this person may be a bit long in the tooth now to change his ways,but i could give it a go if you think it will help him regain his place on the team,he will be learning from the master
Name: true supporter
Get on with it - this club has achieved a lot in a very short period of time! Stop the whinging and paranoia and stop bad mouthing the club - it needs all its members pulling in the same direction! Then we can dream about Ulster titles and Antrim titles!
Name: fidel
if my good friend che was in the position of this reserve captain every1 speaks of he wouldnt have even got a yellow card..word has it hes quick as lightning and has a degree in the art of "hit nd runs" without getn caught.he would be a useful boy for our reserve team to have sayin this reserve captain seems to always get caught at his antics.maybe che could teach him a thing or 2..what you think che?:)
Name: Reserve Hero
When your playing against a team like st johns if you don't foul them they are so physical they will run right through you, eunan and other players received cards in order to prevent scores which could have resulted in us losing the game.  That's football lads look at the Tyrone all Ireland winning team 03... so give it a rest.
Name: :)
rumour has it that big tomas mc cann benched a massive 120kg for his 1rm last nite at trainin! ne truth in dat??
Name: che
im not sure anybody looks up to this particular captain,its bad enough to get the line but to give backchat to the ref is just shocking,the management need to have a serious look at this BOYs future as captain,im so disappointed in him,tut tut
Name: Creggan supporter 2
Surely the result should be the talking point?? Great win in my opinion well done lads
Name: Barney Conway
that aidan mckeown is some player jus like his ol' boy
Name: creggan supporter
such actions as seen in the reserve game was very disappointing creggan reserve captain sent to the line. What sort of example will this show to youth in the club that look up to it.
Name: che
no,no,no surely not i will respond in further detail when i here more tut tut

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