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Name: on looker
hope u post this  is it ture the new manger is a cargin man eunan grow a set
I have no idea, I haven't heard a thing about any manager.... Please tell us more?
You're assuming that I would I know? You obviously know more than me then...
Plus on looker, you grow a set and use your own name as your quick enough to name Eunan.
Name: conor
respect for the fermanagh man there from enniskellin lol must have been marty breen or mc govern from dessertmartin
Name: Una M
Boys i thot use would have realised after the slabberin before the championship final that all this chat on a website will neither prove nor win anything! It doesnt matter how much Belcoo or Creggan talk themselves up on here, championships are won on the pitch not on a guestbook! I think thats enough talkin about it and would ask our boys to keep it shut, as cargin proved you can slabber all you want but it wont win you anything!

kickhams abu
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Name: fermnagh man
let me get one thing straight, im not a belcoo man but an enniskillen man, and i am looking forward to your match with belcoo.  i hope uns can do it because the behavoir they are expressing on your website is nothing new, they are never done slabberin.  however they do need to be treated with respect on the pitch as it will be no walk over but i feel uns should have to much for them, particularly in your full forward line from what i hear.  and as for Mullally, he's as hot and cold as a back boiler in iceland!!  i seen him play a friendly aginst a derry team called desertmartin and  he was took to the cleaners by a young ginger haired fella, just hit hard and fair and he'll not want to know!!  g'luck
Name: supporter
what day and time are the sen and res matches on at the weekend?
Div 5 @ 12:30 @ Sarsfields
Div 1 @ 2:00 @ Creggan

I Believe....
Name: hugh
we should get that henry mc nulty fella a transfer, he sounds unreal!
Name: Creggan GAC gael
Here lads we no all about yous lot, and we are far from worried. few things we no already.
-5 county minors
-Eunan mullally-we will see on the pitch how good he is, could not get any info on him.
- two ginger lads
-Two sets of leonard brothers
-weak enough defence and that were we going to beat yous we think.
-Yous are on the border of donegal
-Jonathan sweaney plays forward.
now so yous can write all yous want lads we no all about you. see yous on the pitch lads.....
Name: Niall
Wise up MN or Niall....less of the wind ups! That type of stuff serves no point at all!

That wasnt me!!!!
ok fair enough...
Name: Leonard brother 2
I am one of the 'infamous' Leonard brothers think this is getting a bit out of hand, lets keep the banter civilised. lookin 4ward 2 gettin stuck into use boys in whats sure 2 b a great game of footy.have heard alot about your team from cousins in belfast, i hear this henry mc nulty is the next darragh o hare? lookin 4ward 2 the challengeing the big man in the air! cya's at st pauls!!!!
Ok, I'll let this one through....for the simple fact of 'Henry' McNulty!!! Go on big Henry!!!
Name: Fergal
I think the fact that I hit the target on saturday there should be the real talking point...not an ulster championship : P
Now that is something out of the ordinary!!!!
Name: kickham gael
belcoo manager?haha i think someone is having a laugh here. Cop yourself on children. Its worrying on how many msgs are coming during school hours.. do you's do no work in fermanagh schools?
Ok, that's the last entry that is going to be posted on this subject. Any further messages will be deleted.            
Name: Tom white PRO assistant minor manager of belcoo
Thanks for accepting my comment, and i will be having a word with the lads at training tonight, i am keen to get information on the club as i have been viewing your facilities on this website and they are second to none in my eyes, from what i can see yous keep the club excellently. great website. I have personally designed our website and  here is our website, view away.
Thanks Tom.
Name: Tom white PRO assistant minor manager of belcoo
I would like to tell my players to stop talking on this site and do all the talking on the pitch, training on tonight lads, we have heard yous are a good side 1 county minor last year Odrhann  mc larnon, All the best in the competition and we will give yous a very hard but fair competitive match.
                  Tom White PRO
Good man Tom. Hopefully that'll be the end of all the slabberin'.
Name: Aidan Cox: Manager
Michael Leonard does not sleep.....he waits!!

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