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Name: cregganite
do the minors play this sunday and if so what time
Yes, Sunday 29th November, Kickhams Creggan Vs Scotstown, Throw in 1:30.

Lets get a large support to St. Pauls and cheer our lads in to the semi-final.
Name: Ballinascreen Oul Boy
Just like to say thanks and well done on organising the 9 a side hurling tournament on friday night past. Great evenings craic and great set up uns have there
Glad you enjoyed it.
Name: member
yes overall you are doin a great job moderating this site but there was a very important issue brought up the other week regarding the league fixture against rasharkin and the tournament down in louth and it was takin off the forum,to me that is a very important issue but it was just brushed under the carpet,what is more important this topic or some spaceship landing in mountshalgus??????????????
I will re-iterate, any messages that are not posted here are done so for extremely good reasons. You are correct, that issue you speak of was certainly important and ranked way above tinfoil helmets but without being able to  go in to the ins & outs of it, it was just not possible to have it discussed/commented upon on a public forum.  I hope you can understand this and respect it.

Name: Niall
get a modern warfare 2 tournament goin as well as the FIFA!
Name: E.T Recruting players
i flicked on the T.V tonight only go see a great player with such good touch and control with his hands his name was Henry. I think he would be a great corner forward flicking them balls into big Mc Nulty standing on the 6 yard box. They would be sum partnership.
Name: Decky Smyth
strongman 09/10 has begun. it will take place every sunday morninh at 10am in will no more than an hour.
it is open for anyone who wants a little extra strength training.
myself and mick mc cann will be taking it each week.
it is open to both male and female.
if you are coming, please let me know so i can arrange each session for the amount thats comes

contact me on 07742471770,, hope to c u all there,,

Name: Clare D
Fundraiser for Camogie Club - Please come along

70s Nite on Sat 28th Nov @ 9.00pm in Marrians in Randalstown

Admission £5.00

Prize for Best Dressed

C u there
Name: Kev mc Gourt from queens
big mcnulty's playing quare stuff at the minute for the freshers, he was a handful against jordanstown last week, the poly didnt seem to have too much to offer, well apart from the blondie red haired half forward hugh runs about with, wonder what club he is?!!!!

p.s all the best against scotstown in the minors, sum great players!
Name: Flame
hows big hugh getting on at the football? i heard he turned intil a braveun!!! any truth in this?
Name: Claire
Ladies Football will be having Circuit Training in the hall over the winter, it will be on Thursday at 8pm this week and will be on Tuesdays from next week on. It is open to all Ladies Footballers and any Camogs who want to come along too.
Name: member
please stop printing this crap on this forum, if no one has anythin sensible to say on topics about our club then dont print it, i have tried to comment on important issues regarding our club and it wasnt printed,then i have to put up with reading this bullshit, this forum is turning into a joke please sort this out eunan!
Firstly, obviously the comments you made on 'important' issues regarding our club were deemed not appropriate to post, therefore they weren't posted. I would rather post this 'bullshit' as you call it than derogatory comments or inappropriate opinions from unknown individuals. Every comment that has not been posted has not been done so for a very good reason.

Secondly, lighten up! It couldn't take more than 20 seconds of your time to skim over the comments that you are not interested in and move on to the topics that you are.

Thirdly, the AGM is coming up in a few weeks so please feel very free to put yourself forward for taking over my position. I will GLADLY step aside and then you can moderate this guest book till you heart's content and rescue it from the joke that you think it is.

By the way, I am certainly not infallible and am not beyond criticism so thank you for your comments.
Name: me car is boggin
Whats the craic with the minors doin the car wash called in today to get mine washed and donate to the club but all i seen was tumble weed
It was pulled for some reason. Don't know the details. If they do it again it will be advertised on the front page.
Name: bronagh
note for dermot, any word???? havent spoke to u in months dude, u ever check ur mail??
hello to creggan aswell :)
Name: E.T phone home
if anyone has spare tin about could you please leave them in the randalstown forest. I'm in bad need of a spaceship and also to brace a few hurls. thanks

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