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Name: dunno
who do creggan minors meet in the final of the laverty cup?
Cargin I think
Name: this Interested ulster man?
i would just like to know who this individual is and why he continuously writes messages on our website. would it perhaps be a cargin person or from his last message would it be this big famous eunan mulaley. i was at the belcoo match last year and this famous man came on and was a skrauny individual who was far from talented. but maybe i am being harsh and maybe HIS TIME IN AUSTRAILIA (yeah right) has improved him.
Who knows who the clown is...but who cares. Our boys will do our talking on the pairc...
Name: minor
badaman. last quote is the right attitude, what a hero
Name: badaman
I just want to say this “you got to strike when the iron is hot.”. This team is presently hot.
There has been talented underage players in the past including yourself (Eunan) and for a multitude of reasons these players did not necessarily translate into senior success.

One thing I have learned over the years is to set your standards to the highest bar and aim for the stars. This must include each and everyone of you as weak links break chains. Ambition is paramount and never don’t believe that your day is just around the corner as hesitancy can be cruel.

Sometimes young talented teams are a lot more mature than given credit.

Please remember lads that in a 4/5 years time life might hold an entirely different meaning with careers, studying, immigration not to mention marriage and children god forbid.

All these things change the horizon and success is not guaranteed. Only sustained dedication both individually and collectively can dictate the future. If you can make the break through early in life it means two things; many years of success and glory and the emergency of long term status.

I speak from experience having played with some very good players of the years and almost a very good team during the 1990s. Fate transpired against us in terms of not reaching our potential in terms of success. Yes we won two intermediate titles but nothing makes up the craving to be crowned Antrim Champions at least. I hated getting beat even against better opposition and still do to this day.

So since you have shown that you can beat everyone why not go and do it time and time again. No Mercy boys go and take what you deserve but you can be assured no one will ever give it to you.

The Moral of the story is why be a winner tomorrow if you can be a winner today.
Name: Interested ulster man
how did the 7s tournament go? what teams were involved? have you a list of results or  a website with this information.
Creggan got beat in the final by Kilcoo by a point.
Name: player
is there no photos from the last match?
Yes, when I get a chance...
Name: badaman
That sounds like very good going for the minors yesterday considering Kilcoo would be a very big 7s club competing favourably every year in the Kilmacud 7s and also the fact that their senior team is the reigning county Champions in County Down. Perhaps a good guage where this team is in terms of Ulster. Keep working flat out boys and your rewards will come in due course. we are not talking about piddly Antrim titles but maybe Ulster and all ireland glory. Club need to be mindful of the potential here and focus on this window of opportunity. The mentors seem to be getting it right at the moment but don't take your eye of the ball boys excuse the pun.
I agree with the majority of your sentiments for sure, but a 'piddly' Antrim title would do just fine for me. I wouldn't be getting ahead of ourselves.
Name: wondering
How'd the minors get at the 7'4 yesterday?
They were beaten by a point in the final against Kilcoo. The reports coming back were that they played brilliant stuff over the course of the tournament and were disappointed to be beaten.
Name: Eh?
any pics of the u-16 shield final?
If anybody took some please get them to me and I'll certainly get them up. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the game so I have none myself.
Name: Clare D
Creggan Camogie Matches this weekend


Creggan -v- Whitehill in Ahoghill @ 1pm on Saturday 10th October (This Saturday)


Creggan -v- Donegal
in Creggan on Sunday 11th October @ 1.00pm

If you are free please come along to the matches and support the camogs.

C u there :)

Yeah I was snapping but it wasn't scribing...there's a difference. I'll get the pics up tonight.
Name: dermot
cheers eunan for posting 'interested ulster man's comment, i did enjoy the laugh! :)
Name: interested ulster man
i cant be confirming the name of the individual but i can confirm that he has been doing a vigorous weights schedule. his time in australia has really payed dividends and we can all see a massive change in his physical appearence. Big big man. he wants Creggan in the first round. he will be keen to mark one of your johnstone brothers as he feels his own upper body strengh will prove a decisive factor in roasting him.


          Interested ulster man
This is the last air time that interested ulster man will be given...just wanted to post his comments to give yiz a laugh! Ulster Championship time seems to bring out the Crazies!
Name: camog
All support for our Camogie Senior team would really be appreciated on Saturday.  

Playing local rivals, Tir na nOg in the Antrim Senior Shield Final

Sat 10TH OCT in Ahoghill @ 1.00PM

Creggan Abu
Name: Curious
Can you post the 10 minors who are playing at the silverbridge 7s on saturday?
Martin Johnston
Ricky Johnston
Conor Mc Cann
Declan Mc Cann
David Mc Guckin
Fergal Mc Grenaghan
Brian Joseph Mc Keown
Damian Mc Larnon
Shane Mc Larnon
Hugh Mc Nulty

We wish them all the very best for Saturday

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