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Name: big man on campus
any solid details for it yet?
Name: truth
nialls robbs days of tearing up defenses were at u12, those days are long gone!
Name: Fred
Think vincy is gonna change his flag for a sheepskin coat and be the brains on the sideline his no nonsense style would get the best out of the unfashionable Cargin rd boys , perhaps on this news young robb might keep his boots hanging up where they belong. Vincy is our Clough
Name: the finest
this man writting on this as rosevillage i think is a young mountshalgus man trying to make us roseville ladds look like wer confident in winning this.. were in this to compete for fun. myb he's wriiting on this cus he's feared of the roseville ladds..
You mean the Rose 'Village' People...
Name: really in the know
a lot of you young boys and not so young  Eunan - couldnt lace Vincey''s boots!!!


Name: Santa
Im interested in this man they call niall robb seems to be an interesting talent and has sent his letter to me looking night vision goggles, binoculars, football boots and suprisingly he hasnt asked for his favorite weapon a wooden sword. mybe he has recognised his talent and is changing to the gaelic..
Name: grinding friend
greenan road has it in the bag.
Name: rosevillage
well honestly we were really going to say nothing on this but i just cant stay off it any longer.i just think that we are going to win this tournament with ease.odds may have blackshalgus/ballely north and south leading the pack but we will destroy thmm.with oran sean and wee teirnan and david in our arty close.were not going to lose.its la rosevillage.
Niall Robbs return will be a prolific  one. Not long ago this man tore defences to shreds whilst keeping young Oistin McAteer under his wing in the full forward line. With his play making expertise, I think that he will the Brian McGuigan figure during the tournament for this hardhitting "Blackshalgus" outfit.
Name: In the know
I think the fact that vincey maguire is for hanging up his linesman flag, and has been dusting off his boots to make an almighty return for the cargin road boys in the seven's will have a bigger impact on the competition than the return of niall robb.
Now the stories are just getting ridiculous...Vincy gettin the boots back on!!!!
Name: The man who know's all!!
in my opinion theres only one winner ballealy north and south !!
Name: E.T back again.
agree with fred, Robb has a great eye on him for spotting the UFO'S for Thomas, and he has great accuracy and a great shot so i think robb is the secret weapon for blackshalgus..
Young Nigel seems to be getting a bit of a battering on here.....continue...
Name: Fred
I think niall robb makin a comeback for blackshalgus is great news for all the other teams best days are behind him and could prove a disruptive influence on the young bucks on his team and will probably lead them in a few rounds of sword fighting and ufo spotting
Name: sniper
once an assassin always an assassin, viva la victoria shalgus and rock
Name: louise mc cann
Ladies Nite tomorrow evening at 162a staffordstown road! Fundraising evening, xmas shopping, jewellery; bags; candles etc.  £5 entrance gets you a drink and entry into raffle!! All ladies most welcome, pls support x

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