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Name: Mika Turtainien
Is it the same times roughly for each team to play? eg. Division 1 games first?
I would say that the same fixture schedule will stay the same as it was on Friday night.
DIV.1  A v B, C v D, DIV.2  A v B, C v D

I think!!! I haven't heard anything so I'm presuming there's not point in changing anything.

Name: tiby
whats the craic tomorrow for the 7s . Any tines decided yet/?>
4pm start
Name: 7s player
its niall darragh it happened before 1 time i dont know if its something to do with my number or what it is
Well, I sent the txt out, thats all I can do
Name: ...
You arent playing the mountshalgus team teddy!
Name: teddy
Me and my Da were out for a wee morning stroll and the weather is great. Pity about the Mountshalgus team who we are going to destroy tonight.
Thems fightin words Tedward!
Name: 7's
are the games which were scheduled for today gonna be played?
That's the plan, and then yesterdays games are hoping to be played on Sunday. What's the fog/snow like in Creggan at the min?
Name: 7s player
my number is in the messenging service i got plenty of messages reminding me to register
Well who are you then and I can check to see if you were sent a message?! A text was sent out to the full senior/reserve football panel stating the 7's was cancelled. How can I check for you if you wont give me your name???
Name: 7s player
would have been nice to get a message about the sevens bein cancelled
Have you informed the club what your mobile number is to put it in to the messaging service? If your number is not known how can you get a message?
Name: Curious wah wah
Still goin ahead?7s that is
No called off due to the wall of fog.
Name: Aghacarnaghan
i'd just like to comiserate all the other teams on a well fought but unsuccessful try to knock our boys down, viva la Aghacarnaghan!!!
Name: Double bacon cheese burger
Feed the bear, and let the games begin. arrrrreeeeeeeeebbbbbbaaaaaaa
Name: Phill
Any chance the pride of the parish will be postponed until after the big freeze and ulster u21 championship, due to travel ect?
Unfortunately has to be played now due to training/pre-season/ in general, all starting soon.
Name: Mark
When can you let us know if the games tonight are off. Don t want to be driving down fom Belfast in this weather if not on. Thanks
I know what you mean. Contact Tony closer to the time and see what state the pitch is in.
Name: 8 a sider
Will the matches tonite still be on withe sthe snow and cold?
Lets hope so...but never mind about the cold, it's the snow that could put the skids on the games.
Name: Gemma
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