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Name: !!
the 7's musta been really interesting then if there ws time for all those fotos eunan!! still my fave is number 14 & 15 same guy :)
Name: merve da perve
has to b no3
Name: ..
what are the two below talkin bout?
Name: Niall
has to be no.7 or else no. 13 lol
Name: Jameson
I like them all (except from No14 on...thats Tommy and Dermots territory) butt my top three are No3, No7 and No11....however its very close with No13 as you get double your money with that one!
Name: Jody O'Kane
Well done to the minor footballers, their management team and Kickhams creggan GAC, what a sweet victory.  Good luck in Ulster.
Name: minor
well said below, totally agree.

by the way eunan, get them pics up!
Name: Supporter
Ohhh..the shame of bein called minor championship winners!were raging like! Take your defeat like a man, do your talking on the field not in a guestbook what are you like? Get a life lad who ever you are and you mite play the full 60 next time. The slabberin stops here the minors I know where told not to write in any guestbooks, I am not a minor but a supporter and I will not write anything more!

Good luck in the other two finals lads
Name: creggan suporter
john mc n-neill i wud guess...
wel now..use wer cheated by the ref??as u can recal john use were not cheated.cargin had the opertunity til put away a penalty at the end of the game which if scored cargin wud have went in winners..but as u seen on fri it nvr went in..nd creggan use wer defo nat cheated..use wer jus unlucky...nd john mc n.we wish u al the best in the league nd the laverty cup cause u wil hafta play us again.nd im sure they wil b gud games lyk the game on fri nite.but we are MINOR CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS.nd deserved minor cship winners at dat...keep ur head up and gud luck..


kick them hi,let them fly,creggan boys 4ever
Name: john mc n - cargin
we were cheated out of that match on friday, by the ref, use were lucky and i suppose use will have to live with the shame of calling yourselves minor champs when it was unfair. watch out when the league and laverty cup final comes up, we will c who the best team is.
Name: Mn
Dont lie, your sittin at work now lookin at them!
Name: Mn
Come on eunan get the minor fotos up! Im bored sittin in school all day, oh and the ones we took in Dublin on Saturday 2;)
Unlike you Matthew I have work to do, so I'll get the photo's up when I get a chance. I'm not guaranteeing the 'ones we took in dublin' will be posted though....I have to study them carefully first which could take a while!  
Name: B Bateson
Congrats to the minor team and management on a great victory. Well done lads.
Frankie fraid to say you were not the first in congratulating the winners, Marco beat to that matey lol
Name: Tir-Na-Nog
creggan well done u deseverd to win.
Name: KB
Well done lads. Great day for Creggan. No doubt Sean / JA will keep the heads grounded and ensure we give Ulster a good rattle

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