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Name: Aidan McLernon
Great weekend folks... a credit to all involved!
Name: Frank M
What an excellent weekend, a credit to the whole club.  I would personally like to thank Tommy McCann and the senior hurlers for the match yesterday, and the welcome shown to the sarsfields players by everyone involved.  There are a few weary heads in Kildare this morning!!!!
Name: Gemma
Great weekend! Congrats to everyone involved. :-)
Name: danny o neill
congratulations to creggan on this fantastic acheivement, a credit to you all.
Name: KB
Best of luck with the opening and gala night.  
Great day for Creggan in what has been one of the best years in Creggan history.

Well done to all involved
Name: dermo
Party TIME!!! :D
Name: Mark G
Best of luck with the big weekend opening and gala night.  Make sure you do the new pitch proud and make it into a fortress like the esteemed 'kill hill' was.  It was always a pleasure to play on kill hill, so make the most of the new gaff or they'll need to put a hill on the new one ;-)
Name: Wondering
Is the band Luv Bug thats playin at the gala the band that was in eurovision a few years back??
Name: Úna M
Thanks for lettin us know Niall. If you wana come for the 1st wee while then come on a head if you'll be in too much of a rush then don't worry about it!

Also anyone who is helpin out with the u12 games, we are meeting at the pitch at 11:15 on Saturday morning (early I know but we can all suffer together)
Name: CrEgGan ChiCkkkk
Iz u CalIn Us SmeLLyy??xxxxxxxxxxxx
No, just unwashed....whats the smell in this message board!?
Name: u16 footballer
is der fotos of da league replay??
Nope, I brought the wrong lens and the light was too poor.
Name: CreGgAn ChIckkk
Y iz Da Gurls Showrz smallar dn d boiz???? NaT FaIr!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3
Cause the chicks don't shower!
Name: Tyrone Eastwood
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all involved with your club the best of luck this week-end on the opening of your magnificent new facilities.They are a credit to your club and community and i wish you every success in the future both on and off the field(except when you are playing glenavy of course).
Thanks very much Tyrone, your sentiments are greatly appreciated as anyone who is involved with this project knows the amount of effort that has been put in to getting it to this completion stage. We looking forwarding to hosting your club at all levels on the field of play next year.
Name: Niall
im workin on saturday at 12 una so i might only be able to come for an hour
Name: Reserve Player
What is the training times this week??
The text was sent out. 7:15 tonight (Tuesday) on the 3G

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