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Name: conor
EMcA your a bully lol
Name: Cargin Minor
Do you know any dates for Laverty cup/ league final we havent heard yet? Ps fair play on winning championship and your team enjoyed the winning of it in a good sporting manner which we are trying hard to achieve in our club also.
No idea. Our boys are just as much in the dark about dates for these finals as you's are unfortunately.
Thanks for your sentiments on our Championship win.            
Name: Under 12 Shield Final
You call that a match report?  You are having a laugh surely.
Do you want to write a report then????
I wasn't at the match as I was away in Belfast on the Senior football panel at the same time and NOBODY sent me any details of the match. How am I supposed to write a report on something I have no knowledge of???
Where you at the game? If you were then write up a report, send it in to me and I'll put it up. Or would that be too much trouble for you.....            
Name: ...
No just tins...unlucky Seamus Dougan!
Name: Beer Man
Just wondering, is the new club rooms going to have taps or will it just be tins like the Hub????
So you WILL have the last say in this matter.  Did no-one teach you at school that that is bully tactics??
As administrator of this site...yes i WILL/CAN have the last say on this matter...and I just have. I have given you far too much air time as it is anyway. Go and pester your own website. End of.
Why no result for the final of the Shield posted yet??
It is....and you have to realize that I can only post results when I actually receive them. I don't have a crystal ball you know!
He was a friend of the Creggan team.  That is where the problem lies.  He knew the team!

Also for your information I have posted comments on the official website asking for the ref's details to make a formal complaint.  I understand this is NOT the first time he has done this with Creggan.  He should not be allowed to ref games he has a personal interest in and certainly not a final.

Oh and yeah SOUR GRAPES !!!!
I don't know who the ref was but I'm certainly not going to question his integrity. They have a hard enough job to do.

Point two, I don't particularly care who you contacted or what you done. Why you feel the need to inform Creggan about what you did is beyond me.

And finally point three...sour grapes? Not at all. By all accounts the best team won so congratulations to St. Particks Lisburn GAC on your victory.

This matter is now closed and I will not be allowing any more comments on this topic for fear of it degenerating in to a tit-for-tat exercise.
Name: concerned
What a pity it was not a fair game today in the Lisburn V Creggan final of the Shield.  The referee tried everything to give it to Creggan but in the end Lisburn won.  How can a referee explain two goals being scored in the 23rd and 25th minute in a 20 minute game with only a few seconds stoppage during the match??  When approached before extra time he was a bit fairer and that is how we won extra time 6 points to  0.  Shame on you ref - its people like you who give the game a bad name.
I wasn't at the match so I can't comment...
Though I have to say I don't see the point of you coming on here and berating the referee on our website. What are you trying to achieve by that? Creggan have no control of referee's actions. If you have problems with he ref post your misgivings on your own website or speak to him in person! What do you want our club to do about it?!?!
Name: ... :P
sum mans airlooocked!!! below lol
Name: jacko
its hard to belive the minor won and fair play to them but the big one was there  the tanking and creggan men know any thing can happen on final day
?? eh ?? What does this mean?
Name: Sean Cushley
St. Malachy's GAC Castledawson are running a Chip Poker Night in the pavilion on Friday 3rd October, commencing at 8.30pm, big support, big prize money; a Card Night will be held every first Friday of the month thereafter as part of the club's winter fund raising activities. An invitation to members, friends and to card players from our neighbouring clubs and beyond come down and chance your luck, all profits to club development!
Name: reserve
here its says on the fixtures website that the reserves play o'donnells on the 18 october at 1.30, is that still on casue the gala dinner is on the nite before,,dont thnk there will be many fresh heads including urs??lol
Hey, my head will be fresh surely!!!
Nah, I expect that this match will be asked to be changed. O'Donnell's have to agree though but as it stands the game is fixtured and has to be played.
Name: .
fair play marty
Name: marty k
well done bhoys, better team on the nite won, never listen to prcks slabberin, none of the minors from cargin think we were cheated, jus played bad. see uns on satrday
Thanks for that Marty.
Lets hope the next two games are as keenly contested and exciting as the first. Best of luck and let the best team win.

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