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Name: Decky
3G?? one week, two weeks????
Name: ruairi and Kealan
Great website, alot of hard work has paid off Eunan!  
Name: oistin
well folks first time on the site looking good how is all going for the start of the legaue hope use get of to a good start come on lads lets get the training done lol
Name: Me
I would like to see the team that the administrator thinks deserves to start in Div1!
Name: ??
to be honest i think that people that have put the effort in from the start of pre-season(strongman trainin) should at least be showin that there effort has been valved, and that people that decide to pop back into trainin when the football starts, are starting for the seniors in these past couple of matchs, or even on the bench,they  get praised. And u will notice this in the next upcoming games. People that have been at stromgeman training, people that have been doin weights from they started and also the training sessions at the minutes, are just forgot about to play reserves. some how i dont think this is far espically in a club like Creggan???/
Name: James
We should get photos of all the teams on the website?
That is something that I will try and get done but you have to realise there are 28 teams representing Creggan in 2008 so it is no easy task. It would be great if team photos can be submitted to the site by anyone that would like to do so therefore speeding up the process.
Remember this website is only as good as the information it receives.
Name: Me

Possible starting 15.

1. Leon Bonnes
2. Caolan McCann
3. Tony Close
4. Sean McLarnon
5. Charlie Devlin
6. Dermot McCann
7. Clement McAteer
8. Darrell Martin
9. Oliver Duffin
10. Turlough McAteer
11. Thomas McCann
12. Peter McCollum
13. Ciaran McCartney
14. Adrian Dougan
15. Odhran McLarnon

16. Oistin McAteer
17. Paul Russell
18. Eunan McAteer
19. Michael McCann
20. Sam Maguire
21. Ryan Mullan
22. Joey Robb
23. Cathal Shannon
25. Mark Anthony McNicholl
26. Mark Dougan
27. Hugh McKay
28. Odhran McCann
Division 2 football then next year methinks!!!!  
Everyone is entitled to their opinion though....        
Name: Onlooker
Kickhams Creggan Possible Starting 15...
1.Leon Bonnes/Peter Graham
2.Coalan Mc Cann/Paul Russell
3.Tony Close
4.Domnic Mc Ateer /Sean Mc Larnon
5.M.A Mc Nicholl
6.Dermot Mc Cann
7.Oran Mc Cann/Austin Mc Ateer
9.H.Mc Kay
10.Peter Mc Collum
11.M Dougan
12.T Mc Ateer
13.T Mc Cann/ C Mc Cartney
14.A Dougan
15.O Mc Larnon
Maybe 30 years ago Dominic McAteer may have been fit to play corner back, but I'd say Sean McLarnon has the edge on him now....!!!            
Name: dermot
this site rocks my world! :)

and d new jerseys r UNREAL!!!
I'm glad your world is rocking Dermot!!!        
Name: Aisling
Hey Bunan,  

I have to give it to you, the website is  looking good, looking good. I taught you something after all!!! Without my help were would you be hey???
Name: mt
Looking good Eunan well done, the site is brill : )
Name: Aidan
Wher is the picture of the new jersey?
Click on "Sponsors" on the left hand side, then click on "Team Sponsors" on the top right. In there you will find some of the jersey sponsors. All jersey sponsors will eventually be here.            
Name: Camog
Well done. The website is great. Keep up the good work
Name: Life long member
I cant believe it, is the traditional hoop in the Creggan jersey been done away with! Wot is the world coming to! I would like to stage a peaceful protest at the clubrooms! If anyone is interested meet Fri 20th Mar 5pm. If anyone has a patio heater it would be appreciated!
Name: Jim
Brilliant web site! Could you explain what Brian Denvirs role as "player liason" entails

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