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Word has it this man has returned out of retirement and is stripping out for North Randalstown for this tournament. Some say he was the Micky Johnston of creggan football many moons ago but with blistering pace. Goodluck to all
Name: hugo chavez
oh really mister moderator i assume your playing in this tournament,i didnt know that toome was part of the cargin road eh?by the way MN its mountshalgus were are you getting blackshalgus from i hope its not a racial slur?tut tut
He means an amalgamation of blackrock and mountshalgus by that term...that's all a hybrid team which lacks identity deserves...
Name: MN
BlackShalgus are getting very confident, how could they not be with ex assassin Niall Robb in their ranks?
They're the amalgmation of this tournament. Unable to stand on their own as a proud townland. Poor show...pride, passion, loyalty and history are sadly lacking in this mongrel of a gathering....
Name: the finest
the far side of the bridge in randalstown is gona create a spot of bother for teams, with a senior manager like barnso leading the way big T mc cann will struggle goin up against him..
Name: Niall McAuley
Kickhams abú
Name: Colm McL
and there I was thinking all this craic about the Greenan Rd being strong was about myself and Conleth
Name: Fred
Olly assures me that he will be 2 stone lighter come the new year, he has NEVER told me that before "I sware to god man"
Name: RE Fred
Fred surely olly 'the anchor' duffin will bring the cargin road contingents average mass up a pound or two
Did you just call Olly an anchor?          
Name: the finest
blackrock/mountshalgas. There is a bit of controversy over this team. The 3 mountshalgus men live beside Randalstown forest, so really u shud be with the finest...;)
Name: big d mc cann
whoever picks the teams, should put odds on each team, for bita craic! ino wer my £5 is goin towards! :D staffordstown/greenan abu!
Name: hugo chavez
re:nighthawk,its not our fault that natural talent seems to flow through the stream between mountshalgus and blackrock,is there a hint of jealousy,we must be rank outsiders anyway i hear quotes of 20/1 to be their price which seems fair enough although i did hear rumours of an ex star coming out of f,ball retirement down the lane,if this true those odds would be surely slashed,best of luck to everyone,i really mean that!
Name: blackrock/mountshalgus
obiously we will be going into this tournament as extreme underdogs so we will be there to have abit of fun and we hope its an enjoyable tournament.

as to knighthawk-are you jealous or feard of wat district we belong to??sounds like it.:)
Aye...pull the other one. Yiz are in it to win it!
Name: The finest
lads randalstowns finest is silent but deadli...;)
Name: ..
Staffordstown/Greenan abú
Name: Aidan McL
I'm reading with interest the rumours of a 7 aside competition... not sure if the teams are decided yet but if there is a team from Staffordstown / Greenan myself and Enda would love to sign up!  I'm sure with the 2 county lads Pete & Dermot hailing from Greenan we may have to have trials for it!!
Yes Aidan the rumours are true...get the boots softened up lad and get the Enda fella a load of bandages for the knees, ankles etc.

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