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Name: Lad
Wel done last nite lads. Best nite ever. Great performance all round. By the way in reply to 'folks on the hill'. Dat was creggan's 1st minor champ win. We wer onli in a final 50 years ago. We didnt win it. Get ure facts rite!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Úna Maguire
I'm gona keep the Maguire comments goin here and say a big well done to the minors! It was an unreal match and a brilliant display of football. Use played and won the match the way it shud b done, the fact that they had 3boys on yellows (shud have been more if not a red or 2) and as far as i know we had a clean sheet when it comes to bookings, it  says volumes about the team! The whole club was behind youse and youse have done us proud!

Kickhams abú
Name: Aidan
Thanks to all those who supported us last nite u's were brilliant.
The first chamionship of many.
Name: Claire Maguire
CONGRATULATIONS!! im totally delighted for the minors, just ragin i missed it! no doubt the celebrations are still going strong! there'l be an Adelaide Creggan supporters club havin a few for ya 2night as well!! Welldone to everyone involved!
Name: conor
long time coming but we finally won her!
Name: Ciaran Maguire
many congratulations to the minor footballers on a fantastic display of how the game should be played and an even better win. Well deserved
Name: folks from the hill
well done tonight!! first title in 55yrs even the ref was happy for you. Things can only get better well lets face it they can't any worse over 50yrs with out a title.Thats sad
...and your minors won what??
Name: Frank Maguire
May i be the first to congratulate the minor team on what was, i believe , an excellent performance and victory over cargin in the county final.  Its been a long time coming for the club, well done fellas
Name: Mark G
Well done to the minors.  1 down, 2 to go.
Name: Gems
The dinner tables for eating Eunan
Name: .
No doubt big Tonys the man for the job!
Name: J
Hi there, does any 1 know when a new senior football manager will b selected.  Any ideas who could do the job??
Name: dermot
ahhhh rite enuf sis!
Can you two not discuss this over the dinner table?
Name: Gems
May be a bit late for a new badge when the old one is all over the new pavillion. Just a thought
Name: Una M
Does anybody know does the club have anymore flags/ where can you get green and yellow flags? Cargin supporters always come armed with cub flags and we dont want them out doing us tomorrow nite! Every1 needs to be up supportin the minors with every bit of green and yellow we can find!

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