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Name: oap
I took my dog for a walk in the forest the other day and i brought some bread down for the birds. As i was throwing the bread out 3 boys wearing creggan hurling tops holding wooden swords came running out of the trees making chicken noises.  to my suprise they got on their knees and started pecking up the bread with their lips.  My grandson informs me these boys think they are some sort of elite sportsmen.  Its time to grow up lads.
Name: scared
look here you little mountshalgus pests.  I like to take a stroll in the forest.  I dont need to be having to watch my back everytime with niall, tommy and connor playing robinhood.  My taxes pay to keep that forest open so lads please take your sword fighting games elsewhere.  Maybe if i said that i seen a bear down there that might scare you,s off for a while.
Name: S.A.M7
i thought the editors job was to edit this site,not to judge who wins awards and such,just stick to your job mr editor,you seem to be very jealous of those lads from mountshalgus,why is this
Editor and edit...or Moderator and moderate? Get it right Danger Mouse (and put that wooden sword and spud gun're scaring everyone!)
Name: the
watch out "scared" next time we might not be so nice! this forest you speek of is our back yard...beware!
Name: barraca
handy championship draw
I wouldn't be so cocky...look what happened last year... I'm sure Portglenone will be thinking the same.
Name: creggan supporter
does any1 know wat group or teams we are playin in the ulster league this year
Name: Man on the line
I have to say the players of the year for 2008 will be a very tough decision. I think teddy will get reserve player of the year because it may be his last year. Senior footballer is a toss of the coin no one really performed this year and in the end it was the younger boys that played the best football. Minor footballer i must say it has to go to oran mc larnon for the performances he has shown all year round for minor, u21 and senior.
Name: Congrats
Well done to mark dougan and dermot mc cann for being selected for the national league panel.
Well done lads...good job.
Name: Scared
i went for a walk in the forest and i heard giggiling in the trees, i was very frightened.  out came the three muskteers mentioned wearin face paint holding wooden swords.  wise up lads!
Name: Hugh McNulty
I seen the pics of the gym there, looks good but would it be possible to buy in sum bigger weights as i no longer lift anything under 90kg, thanks urs truly, Hugh!!!
Name: lmao moderator
your last comment sayes they contribute nothing......obiously you dnt get to many matches
Name: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How come no one has mentioned big micky johnston for hurler of the year??????????? he is almost the same age as teddy as well :)
Name: che
s.hurler-n.robb cann minor football conor mc cann yous hv to admit lads that mountshalgus lane has provided some outstanding sportsmen and women
Whats with this mountshagless love fest??? Everyone knows they contribute nothing to the success of the various teams so the 3 lads you mentioned are non-runners for the top awards this year I'm afraid....only my opinion though and I wont want to influence the selection panel in any way.
Name: big d mc cann
senior football- oistin
senior hurling- tommy/ sam
reserve- peter g/ cathal
minor-odhran/ fergal
Name: voter
Hugh McNulty for player of everythiong!!!!!!!!!!!

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