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Name: dog warden
is it true that mad dog robb is making a comeback in the 7s,il have to be at my best to catch up with him,hes quite a bite from what i can mind!!
Name: Wondering
Any dates for the ulster u21 matches yet or are they dependant on the st. pauls minor final?

Also, would it be a good idea to send text re. the 8's comp as some mightn't have checked the website recently and realise it starts this fri?
Yes, they have been released to the participating clubs today and will be put on the website in the Administration Section soon.
Name: TONY
regarding senior player give me a ring if you have a problem Tony Mc Collum
Name: ref
the rules page for the 7's doesnt work eunan!
What you mean? The rules are wrong or it doesn't open?

Thanks for that...sorted now.
Name: 7s
How come the matches are moved to the weekends at the last min?
3g availability
Name: Enda Maguire
Am i the blacksheep or whats the craic putting in old man vincey before me ?
Name: Creggan ladies footballer
I don't know about you girls but the christmas dinner/sweets/Wine is catching up on me. As Philip is too scared of the weather and falling over on the ice i will take a training session on the 6th if use want? i am dying to get back and i don't know about use but i think this could be our year if we put in the work now. Just look at Creggans in put in Antrims All Ireland win. Write back ASAP
Name: creggan ladies football
due too the weather and bad road conditions training is off on tues 5 jan back on next tues 12 at 7pm sharp             philip o kane
Name: The REAL Aidey Dougan
I only once had the pleasure of being in the presence of legend from the Creggan strong hold known as Sniper, we talked for hours under a starry sky and one place he talked highly of was "A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. Where newly born come out with Gaelic Footballs. Yes I'm talking about a little place called Mountshalgus" Our meeting was cut short soon after he told me this though, as he needed to go home and lock his chickens in so the foxes didn't claim any.
Name: the REAL Adrian Dougan
I would just like to say that the comments made earlier under my name wer made by an intruder.  I have a fair idea who the intruder is and team staffordstown will be carrying out a certain punishment on tis person.  
Name: Paddy Power
Alot of money has been recieved to me by people puting money on team d. I must say ther is a few fine young men n that team that can play great football. I even got a bet from young thomas mc cann betting 1 hundred pound, his wooden sword and helmet and even his plasterers tool, his hawk and mixing drill so he must be looking this team to win.
Name: Gems
Congratulations to the club & Football Commitee for getting the U21 Ulster in Creggan. The coverage was great. Good Luck lads.

Also Good Luck to Team B - Greenan! :-)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas & Happy New Year.
Name: excited
oooooh you know its gettin close when every other guestbook post is asking when the dinner dance is! :)
Name: john joe
wen is the dinner dance
29th Jan @ The Elk
Name: 7s
will the teams be named on the web site?

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