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Name: Re.Dinner Dance
Are the tables set out for each person or do you just sit where you want like previous years?
Name: Gemma
Reminder: Last Chance to get your dinner dance tickets tonight at 8:15 in the club. We need numbers for tomorrow so that the table plans can be done.
Name: Niall
we got st johns away in the minor championship
Name: Baronjon menswear, Junction One
Shirt + tie £25

Casual shirts from £9.99
All ties £9.99
suits from £49
Anybody looking any deals for the upcoming dinner dance?
Name: che
i take it paddy from the hill must be a footballer coming out with such a well thot piece of literacy eh
thot...or thought?
Name: paddy from the hill
who write this *hit who care what lever the hurley play football club and will for every be
eh....English please?!?
Name: Big aidey
i was looking at st brids website and they have a full list of fixtures for the reserve and senior league this year.  The league starts on 05/04/09 just wandering does creggan have the information on these up and coming fixtures, ther are reserve fixtures on the county website but no dates, the opener is against cargin at cargin!  who is the reserve manager ths year.
Name: ?????
I'm pleased to see we are entered in the reserve cup and not the shield as we are more than capable of winning it. I also see that other teams that are higher than us (league wise) are in the shield!! Is this down to the clubs choice as to which competition they enter?? Oh one more question how are the 3 antrim teams entered in the senior hurling championship (N, S and S.W) going to be made up, managed, etc?
Yes, it is up to each individual club to decide which championship they wish to enter in to. I too am glad that our club are showing the correct ambition and have entered our reserve team in to the reserve championship. We are more than capable of competing at this level!

As for the Divisional teams in the senior hurling championship, I'm not sure how they are going to be arranged/managed.
Name: Gemma

Table Quiz tonight at 8pm in the club. £5 admission, Light refreshments will be provided & bar will be open
How many per team? How many rounds etc.?
Name: dates for the ulster league
Ulster Senior Club Football League Group C
Team 1 Team 2 Round Venue Date Time
Ballymacnab (Armagh) v Bellaghy (Derry) Ballymacnab (Armagh) 08/02/2009 14:00
Creggan (Antrim) v Gortin (Tyrone) Creggan (Antrim) 08/02/2009 14:00
Latton (Monaghan) v Magherafelt (Derry) Latton (Monaghan) 08/02/2009 14:00
Gortin (Tyrone) v Ballymacnab (Armagh) Gortin (Tyrone) 15/02/2009 14:00
Magherafelt (Derry) v Bellaghy (Derry) Magherafelt (Derry) 15/02/2009 14:00
Creggan (Antrim) v Latton (Monaghan) Creggan (Antrim) 15/02/2009 14:00
Ballymacnab (Armagh) v Magherafelt (Derry) Ballymacnab (Armagh) 22/02/2009 14:00
Gortin (Tyrone) v Latton (Monaghan) Gortin (Tyrone) 22/02/2009 14:00
Bellaghy (Derry) v Creggan (Antrim) Bellaghy (Derry) 22/02/2009 14:00
Latton (Monaghan) v Ballymacnab (Armagh) Latton (Monaghan) 01/03/2009 14:00
Creggan (Antrim) v Magherafelt (Derry) Creggan (Antrim) 01/03/2009 14:00
Bellaghy (Derry) v Gortin (Tyrone) Bellaghy (Derry) 01/03/2009 14:00
Ballymacnab (Armagh) v Creggan (Antrim) Ballymacnab (Armagh) 08/03/2009 14:00
Latton (Monaghan) v Bellaghy (Derry) Latton (Monaghan) 08/03/2009 14:00
Magherafelt (Derry) v Gortin (Tyrone) Magherafelt (Derry) 08/03/2009 14:00

Name: paddy of the hill
not a bad draw for us but will be hard to get over the monk men but anything can happen after that but keep the feet on the ground and head out off the clouds  and we will be ok
Name: Big Aidey
Ulster league.  dunno wots home or away
Group C

Ballymacab (Armagh)
Bellaghy (Derry)
Creggan (Antrim)
Gortin (Tyrone)
Latton (Monaghan)
Magherafelt (Derry)

Name: mountshalgus brigade
its about time use started to get ur stories straight...1st we are the 3 muskateers den wer robin hood...
nd for the last comment.u shudnt call ur mother a dog..

Right, no more will be allowed on this subject....            
Name: dog walker!
i was passing through the forest yesterday and heard some bushes rattling and my dog ran in after what ever it was and never returned. From reading comments below i think it could have been these three musketeers. please if use have him let him go!
Name: lmao
i duno about any of the mountshalgus stuff thats goin on . if its niall robb conor an tommy mc cann scarying people with woodin swords an face paint an creggan jerseys ....... PROUD LADS lmao

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