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Name: East Randalstown
Charlie what are you at? You live in East Randalstown so automatically qualify for the winners! With Odhran, Tiernan & Sean McLarnon, David McGuckin, Arty Close, Mark Anthony McNicholl, Barney Denvir(c), Ciaran McCartney & Player Manager Packie Johnston. Surely they have it in the bag since 5 of the team were All Ireland Quarter Finalists!!
Name: C.devlin
would any1 like an experienced/world class goalkeeper? i am fit 2 play 4 a number of teams. will need a new pair of gloves 2 secure signature.
Name: Frank M
PS.  Im afraid in the Maguire family its Frank "the tank" Maguire. Sam will have to come up with another moniker. Sam "the pipe bender" Maguire sounds good
Name: Frank M
I am in support of my mexican comrades with their request for saturday matches although they have to be on in the afternoon so that we have time to get around newry. Thanks
Name: Ciaran
U16 creggan 4 da Breslin Cup
Name: Ciaran
why isn't there pictures of any of the under 16 footballers this year? They reached the sheild final this year against CARGIN this year and still no pictures in the gallery!
I'm sorry you're disappointed Ciaran but unfortunately our photographer couldn't get to every game this year (which is impossible). I'll re-iterate, there is more than one camera in Creggan so any parents etc can always send me in pictures and I will gladly add them to the Gallery. Remember as well, our photographer is still a playing member and between training and matches this overlaps on many other games that are being played.
Name: Curious
Mick Duff is that you. what about ''Tom all angles Duffin'' ? Will he be makin an appearance
Name: Aghnacarnaghan
Tbh with osty "the gunshow" and eunan "sharpshooter" mcateer mixed in with danny "the bull" and sam "the tank" maguire there's no chance of any team even scoring against us, then you thrown in olly "the anchor" duffin and its gonna be a massacre for the other teams, just pay your money and dont turn up, especially now that tombo "Mr T" maguire is back in town!
Name: joe mc el derry
Is killian(chunky cheeks)playing?
Name: Aidan McL
Now now Che, your tactics of limiting the opposition before the competition starts won't work!  

Are u coachin the blackshalgus faithful?? Surely your too old to be participating!  
Name: not sure
i was reading your guestbook and noticed that you may need 2 teams from Ranalstown due to your large numbers is Randalstown not part of Whitehill?????? give them their players back problem solved
So everyone that lives in Randalstown must have allegiance to another club other than Creggan?? That's not the way it works...
Name: aidey
when are the townlands being named
When all the names and registrations have been returned and money paid, the numbers interested will determine the townlands.

For example if the interest is low, then a number of townlands may need to be amalgamated but if the numbers are high then townlands may need to be divided in to smaller parts. Randalstown should have 2 teams due to the numbers there.

Hope this explains it.

Note: if you can secure your panel of 10 and a manager from your townland at once, then go ahead and get it registered.
Name: che
wise up mclernon and pete the pair of yous are better staying in the free state were yous are wanted(maybe)
Name: blackshalgus pip
who said i was manager ?
Name: player
will it be 15 mins a half in the 7s?
Yeah I think it will

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