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Name: player
when will the teams be posted out?
Name: blackshalgus
re aidey dugan                                     you should call yourselves the saffordstown pie eaters or salad dodgers take your pick your goin down or should i say out
Name: Aidey dougan
can i just say to all my staffordstown men, training will comence for MY team on Monday, meeting in R'Town forest,,3 mile run, i need to ensure that all MY men r fit for the first match,, i myself looked after my body over xmas,, as u can all tell,,any questions, just leave me a post,
Name: Ex pat
Is it too late to register your interest in the seven a side tourny
No...Deadline is 5pm Friday though. After that the competition is closed and the teams/rules/fixtures are relseased.
See Olcan, Eunan, Frankie, Tony or Brian Denvir to sign up. Be quick!
Name: Miika Turtiainen
Aidey dont count your chickens. Christmas has come and gone and the man in the red coat was generous to a certain young fella down round the neck of the woods. Even saw him jumping for joy on christmas morning swinging a bit of a tree hitting snow. He brought him boots and gloves even a pair of green shorts with yellow strippes. He even sleeps with them under his pillow. One to watch. Slán Go Foill
Name: staffordstown lad
beware everyone of the staffordstown men
Name: Aidey Dougan
We have kept quiet for too long and i feel that we are not getting enough recognition for this 7's tournament. The chickens are coming home with us, beware
ok wallace & gromit....
Name: player
what date is the first 7s match?
Dates, teams etc will all be determined after Tuesday nights registration.

A word of warning though...the competition willl not go ahead if numbers aren't sufficient enough to have a proper mini league. The more people that sign up on Tuesday will mean that there will be enough teams to structure a mini league and the competition can go ahead.

So spread the word and get everyone out on Tuesday night @ 8pm.
Name: Joe Mc Kitrick
Mountshalgus and the Blackrock are producing some fine specimen of players. My bet says the sitting hot favourites in the up in coming competition. Blackshalgus abu
Name: Santa
ho ho ho blackshalgus bhoy. me and the elves do not play this game of Garlic Football, so no we wont be enterin a team. As for c/mas this year it went well and i did visit the young mountshalgus men. i was delighted to see the smile on nigel robbs face yesterday whenever he was out hittin snowballs with his wooden sword.
Name: blackshalgus bhouy
re  santa                                      hey santa are you and elves enterin a team for the 7 a side comp or will ya join up with any of the other teams ???
Name: ufo spotter
did you see ET on your travels?
Name: Big Hugh
i guess it is mcnulty's cos im as good as two men hai!!! greenan abu, up the flame
Name: Santa
It has been another hard year for me and my elfs but its not long now until i reach the land of Creggan. Yous have made it hard work for us because we had to go looking for thousands of pounds worth of gold to make sum minor n under 21 championship medals that all yous players wanted. Why couldn't yous all be simple and want the wooden swords that this man Nigel talks about, and also his night vision binoculars. But i have to apologize to a young thomas mc cann who wished that he cud be a better hurler and footballer than conor, but with all my powers i cudnt do this. So that means theres only one boy who will b sad to mara mornin. Sure he'l play the old xbox n shoot his alien friends. not a bad year for creggan.:)
Name: Christy Cooney
I will try make an appearance for the opening draw.  Good Luck to all.

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