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Name: creggan 09
is the senior matches against st pauls and moneyglass off
That's what I have heard.
Name: in reply to this
wud ye eveeeer ease like!
i think you shud be a bit more grateful of the photos and work that goes in to the website so wise up and quit r gurnin!
Name: hello again hello just called to say hello
Well im not sure whether this is the job of the PRO to watch games. You are there for a reason and thats to take PHOTOS!! I think we need a new PRO, as suggested below. You have time to write messages on here but no photos!! WE WANT PHOTOS!!
Name: Killian Mc Ivor
29th July Horsebooooox
Name: Supporter
What is the official date for the senior champioship match v portglenone this year?
Name: captain insano
is there training tonite?
Name: Mission Che
Who won the 5K run today. Were there many entrants
It was a very successful event. There were around 50 entrants with Oistin McAteer taking the inaugural Eugene McAlynn Memorial Cup in a time of 16mins. This will be an annual Easter event such was the success and enjoyment of it by all who participated and watched.
Name: lost phone
what times training tommorrow?
9am...bring boots & trainers
Name: che
fidel,this eunan fellow sounds like a bit of an unsavoury character,im not sure i would want to help him,maybe his LENS isnt big enough eh boy the sniper only comes out for special occasions ok
what fairytale are you 2 clowns living in????
Name: Hello again hello
Well were you not at this game? I thought I seen you??? Maybe not. Come on man, photos photos photos!!
Yes I was at the game but I decided to watch the game instead of work at that ok with you?!
Name: fidel
uck now nvr stopped you b4..did it??che uno the way you have sniper vision.wel i was thinking that you could help our dear friend eunan with the camera work.its jus yeno the way he complaines about having no time to do stuff even though hes stil suspended.i thought you could give him a hand.wat you think honey?
Name: Hello again
i am happy to write reports take photographs and be the new PRO. And i don't nee a long lens to prove it
That's great news...I'll look forward to your reports and pics. Somehow I think they will never materialize though...
Name: Hello again
surly you are the designated PRO are you not.
Yes that is correct...but I'm not superman! I invest a helluva lot of free time in trying to get to as many games as I can to take photos and write reports etc. but it is not possible to cover them all. A little bit of help would be much appreciated...
Name: hello again
thats poor eunan, no pics from one of the biggest games of the year
All games are big...what makes this any bigger? Do you not get the same 2 league points for beating Cargin as you do for beating Glenavy?
Surely to god I'm not the only person in Creggan with a camera either?!! Not all games can be covered by one person...please have a bit of patience and consideration.
Name: che
im not into violence fidel as you should know

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