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Name: Claire M
Just saw the draw for the Ulster championship, really hope the boys get the the ulster final, i'll be home by then so i wanna see 1 minor match this year!!
Name: conor
really its pointless leaving comments here about were the game should be played because nobody will change it from whats writing in this guestbook! Do use not agree?
Name: cmc
wer nt moneyglass.....
Name: Cargin Minor
There was a toss of the coin for our semi final game versus Moneyglass no members were present from either team, we lost the toss played in moneyglass and there wasnt a word about it.
Name: Supporter
28/10/2008 would be better to play the game in Toome or Creggan because limiteed supporters will travel that distance to Aghagallon.
Name: Eamonn McAuley
We are willing to play the game in Creggan, I fail to see why yourselves don't want this as it would be good for both teams to get a run on your new field as well as saving supporters from both sides the 90 mile round trip to the Armagh border.
Name: Wonder
Will there be any attempt made to change the senior fixture to saturday because of the club events this saturday night?????
I have no idea....anyone?
Name: cargin question?
to the cargin supporter, would you have accepted the decision if it had been made by a creggan man on his own? john o'boyles integrity wasnt questioned, the process by which the decision was made was!
Under no circumstances was the integrity of John O'Boyle ever questioned. Rules and procedures are put in place to be followed and in this circumstance these procedures were not implemented therefore the decision can be deemed null and void. There needs to be representatives from both clubs present when the toss is made and unfortunately there were none.
I would like to wish both minor teams the best of luck in the final and hopefully they get the weather that the occasion deserves.
Name: Bettlejuice
Creggan got fermanagh minor champions belcoo in the ulster draw
I'll post the full draw tomorrow...            
Name: Outside lookin in
Was at the game on sunday not the greatest display but on a day like sunday why was the viewing area closed. There was people in it. The tv was on .Went home soaked and disapointed
Name: cmc
Its stil not the point......
In reply to Creggan Man, John O'Boyle is one of the most trusted and honest people I have had the pleasure of knowing in GAA circles, for you to doubt his integrity is shameful. Their were no Cargin Officials present at the toss either.
Name: Creggan Man
In reply to cargin supporter, we would have no problems playing at cargin altough we would like it to be a fair decision hence a creggan offical to be present at the flip of the coin, instead of john o boyle ( a cargin man ) doing it on his own.
Name: erins own
Disappointed that you woluld'nt even agree to venue after losing the toss, we will play at Greggan no problem
Name: player
creggan are to play rasharkin next sun in the seniors, wonder is there any chance of getting it changed to the sat as the halloween disco is on sat nite.  im sure rasharkin would like to play on the sat aswell

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