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Name: Christy Cooney
I think that you should play the games on Saturdays to accommodate these free state travellers. As we all know that fierce crowd from Ballely North will lead the pack. The only people putting the shackles on will be the Johnston Brothers and young McGrenaghan.
Just make sure you're there on Tuesday night to sign up and then you can debate fixture scheduling.
Name: 7,s
who is picking the teams for the sevens are we picking them ourselves or is the club picking them?
Once all the names and money has been paid (next Tuesday night), then all those that are serious about playing will be split up in to their townlands by the Club as best and fair as possible.
Name: justice
that is a poor excuse for not having matches on saturdays to accomodate the greenan road lads...people work on mondays and wednesdays too! let the boys play
There are only a certain amount of slots available on the 3G pitch to work with and Yes people work mondays and wenesdays, that's why the games are getting played in the evenings...
Look, the times are what they are to accomodate the majority...that's it. Get on with it.
Name: lotto
can you put up the lotto results if known
Sorry, they will be up later today...
Name: Claire
Are there are goin to be any Creggan Calendars for 2010?
No, not this year unfortunately...there has been too many left unsold over the past number of years.
Name: teddy
me, murtagh and (that's) my da are all the cranfield crew need!
Name: !
mc nulty(s)? plural?
Name: Cranfield Team
Anyone know who is playing on the cranfield team yet
Name: beyond the pale
the grahams, mc larnons, mc canns, mc nultys, this greenan road team is starting to read like a whos who of creggan football in the last 15 years!
Name: Aidan McL
I heard that the Boston Bomber is only returning if the games are on Saturdays!!  Surely the club could accommodate the long serving Kickhams exile by permitting Saturday games!

Robb I understand if u dont understand this 'free' tongue... any of ur wee brit friends playing for the Black team?
Alot of lads work Saturdays...that would exclude them then...what do ya do?
Name: Greenan road
Any truth in the rumour that a certain no-nonsense defender from the Greenan road who hasnt worn the green and gold for many a year will be returning from Boston with his brother in January to put the shackles on a certain Blackshalgus native?
Name: joe mc kitrick
stop ur jiba jabba young mc larnon.
Name: che
re aidan mclernon,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah i dont understand a word that comes out of your southern mouth
Name: robb
r.e.john mc kurdy,yes training as normal bring the normal gear e.g pink shirt and tights,are they trying to split blackshalgus up,people have tried before and ultimately failed and will do so again,unbowed,unbroken and undefeated
Name: nige
whos all for west randalstown?

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