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Name: main man for the town!
im jus remembering, we will also have our new signing toots! he will be a powerfull act! use all will be shaking in your boots now!
Name: Aidan McL
Is this fella Che/Robb/Blackshalgus Bhoy/Sniper/Hugo Chvez running this competition or what?  The faceless character hiding behind all the names seems to be full of hot air and likes to see his name(s) all over this guestbook!  I see he's claiming Antrim town patrons now to play for his amalgamated team - they mustn’t have enough talent of their own down the lane.

To be the best you gotta beat the best... therefore The Greenan Coalition should be allowed to play their games on Saturdays to allow the 'Freestate 3' to make the onerous journey back to the occupied 6.  
Name: local historian
was lookin up local maps and  i know blackshalus is a mix up of two roads but the townland is called balealy north which runs from lower blackrock to near the motorway taking in mountshalgus
Name: John Mc kurdy
Robb what track are we running this week is it the same as last weeks or 2 weeks ago?
Name: Robb
As star player , manager and all round highly respected figure i would like to call all blackshalgus players to the forest at 7am on sunday morning for a 10 k run, as is the norm no one will be permitted to train without the proper attire of black tights and pink t shirts (Tommy  your so hot in pink ). Also i must congratulate the squad on sticking to the drinks ban and remember shloer only on Jesus's birthday , wont be a problem for such a dedicated bunch. Its not what your townland can do for you its what you can do for your townland
Name: Blackshalgus
yes wearing tights is a term that our members sign when entering our team.personally i think everyone is talking us up because they know the strength of our side.also it sounds like the roseville players are trying to get rid of sum of there players.why is this?

the blackshalgus crew will do our talking on the pitch.:)
It's dangerous to assume blackrock and mountshalgus will be one team....
Name: Spectator
Blackshalgus will have to many born and bread class down the ranks to be competed with and beat. I think that if possible a poll should be started on who everyone thinks will win. Also hear that to be a member of the BlackShalgus panel you must were a pair of tights. could this be true?
Name: che
just a we message to the free state3 frank,pete and esp a.mclernon there will be no change of fixtures just to suit yous,when ULSTER SAYS NO,thats what we mean,what a combo of robb&mc nicholl together unstoppable some would say viva la victoria blackshalgus
Name: Blackrock Oul Boy
If the Blackshalgus coalition requires a very experienced and slow full forward (or keeper) to come out of football retirement let me know. I will try to remember how to play the big ball game if required!!
Name: the finest
he may have connections from the shalgus, bt the man lives in antrim which on the map is closer to east randytown than the shalgus. bt sounds like use shalgus lads are beginning to feel the pressure and are in need of a fast player to carry the ball so tommy can have a rest.;)
Name: Blackshalgus
Sorry about that but Mark Anthony McNicholl if fit has already being transferred to Blackshalgus as he has links round that part. He no longer lives in Randalstown and so can play for who ever he wants.
Name: Pete G
Please point out "Blackshalgus" and upper/lower Randalstown on the map....aye thought thought that ;)
Greenan Rd coalition is gonna rake it!!
Name: Fanatic from creeve townland
The "lower greenan road" is not part of Greenan townland. It is Ballynacraigy. Please consult townland map on this site under Cultúr. The so-called team from the 'greenan roads' is bogus!!!
Name: Townlands refresher
Name: big d mc cann
jus got d new news letter through email der! looks well, wel done eunan! ;) PS Greenan Rd abu! :)
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