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Name: another reply to gael
that was a weakened team sent out against cargin, and done well not to get hammered by a classy team.  creggan seniors are currently miles behind the cargin and st.galls seniors, nobody expected us to win yesterday.
we need patience, all the senior team has to do is stay up. we have a minor team that won every competition they entered, and a brand new clubhouse/pitch/3g newly built. lets not jump to criticise particular players or the management, and all do our best to support the team, and stay in division 1!
Name: reply to gael
most of the younger fellas of the team will stay on the team or shud stay on the team...the older so called footballers that were not there at the weeknd are crying of injured/suspended or on holidays....and you shudnt listin to al you hear from cargin...they have a few youger players missen(kev o boyle,geard mccann)
Name: Gael
Yes young team but how many will really make the cut when it comes to it? Look at that Cargin team, they are full of young boys. Some i've never seen before and they have plenty more to come on from what I hear.
Name: reply to Gael
yes I can see your point that we are not playing our best football atm! But think that with a very young team out was a good performance!
Name: Gael
Well im just stating facts, what is going on? We had no fight or drive. Cargin won every area of the field, they hit harder, used the ball better and tackled better. Just really disappoints me!!
We're all really disappointed too...
Name: Supporter
Is the cut off date for the division 1 league definitely 23rd of november??
Yes I believe it is, not unless the CCC/County change it.
Name: Gael
Some game yesterday, looks like Division 2 next year. Cargin were the far better team, we never looked like nearly winning!!
That's the attitude we need to get out of this mess.....            
Name: Decky smyth
well done reserves, so glad to be part of that team even tho i wasnt there for the last match yesterday. lets go out and win the rest of the reserve games just cause we can, creggan boys forever,,
Name: reserve player
happy days just makes todays game against all the odds even more sweeter.once again well done to all involved from the strongman training last winter right through to todays win in sarsfields.division 5 team have played some nice football this year but have also dug in when we have had too. WOO HOO
Name: reserve
is division 5 league def won??
yip...we can't be caught. Glenavy and O'Donnells drew today from the information I have been given so we're Div5 winners.
Name: a blow in
how did the senior game go today against Cargin and is our senior team safe from relegation
Beat and no def not safe!
Name: :D
Well done to the reserves the day..and captain eunan 2:)
It's a team game and we all won it together over the course of the year. From the bare 15 @ Glenravel on a horrible wednesday night in a swamp of a pitch, to some great stuff played over the summer to the battle in Aldergrove and then down to 14 men because of no subs for the last 15 mins today against Sarsfields. That's how leagues are won boys...digging in when the chips are down and sticking to playing the football that we know we're capable of.
Well Done!            
Name: reserve player
would just like to say a big well done on a hard fought well earned win today. things wer'nt looking to well today at 11 o'clock but a big thankyou to chris murray, martin mccann and pip o'kane who all came in and did a great job in helping us secure victory.well done everyone involved.
...get well soon Pip!!
Name: el capitan
Congratulations to the Div. 5 team and management on winning the league today. Brilliant stuff lads...only one defeat all year (day after gala dinner) and each and every man involved can be proud of their efforts since waaaay back last winter. Lets give Div. 4 a real crack next year cause we all know we can deffo compete at that level.
Name: On Looker at eunan in shower
I can assure you onlooker that eunan mc ateer has a set..xoxo

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