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Name: .......
hav a bit of respect boys.....this i a public website, thers no need to try an humiliate a fellow team mate on it! wer use not taught that litle lesson wen u wer younger...."if u cant say something good, say nothin at all".
Name: che
thank you fidel my old friend and comrade for your glowing praise,it seems this no12 you talk of has committed the cardinal sin of dropping the ball into the keepers hands 3times in one half,i may have to get the shooting boots out again as it seems this old boy you talk of is not up to the job.let me know if you feel im required to do the business.
Name: fidel
the return of my good friend che is be totally honest che has been training away and is in good enuf shape to steal that number 12 jersey..but to my dear friend number 12.i shall wish you all the best el capitano...fidel
Name: fidel
uck now dont be goen mad now...i am just pointing out a few points of your game that my good friend che could help you on..after all he is renound for his sniper shoot..aint that rite che??and seem to be hurting from these it because they are true???
Why doesn't fidel/che lace the boots up, get out to training and with all this abundance of talent that he espouses would surely oust the present incumbent of the number 12 jersey. Talks cheap, the hard part is putting in the hours on the training field....
Name: onlooker
It is blatantly obvious that certain people are jealous of Number 12 in the Reserves Team and actually I dont blame them because he has alot going for him, tremendously talented player/leader,  great stamina and last but not least good looks...... Jealousy is one of the deadly sins....!!
Tenner in the post onlooker!
Name: reserve player
we need to improve our half forward line hugely before the next reserve game the number 12's shooting (he knows who he is) was appalling dropping 3 balls in the first half into the keepers hands. Great win all the same
Name: fidel
gud game by the reserves at the weekend...pity about the number 12.i say we bring che back to show that num 12 how to about it che??
The only thing this che/fidel muppet can do is shoot his mouth off. Leave the points kicking to the number 12 and you can hide behind your computer screen...ok? Any questions? No? Thought not...            
Name: Player
Anyone know whats happenin thurs nite? and is training indoor etc?
Name: spectator
looks to me that them to comments names "IP Freely" and "IP Frequnetly" the IP stands for i perv! lol
Name: exile
McAteer captains?  One of them hittin 40 and the other a one-arm bandit for the foreseable future!  Questionable indeed... although the arm didnt hinder the young buck around Merseyside!
Name: I.P Frequently
i agree with mr freely! lol
Name: fm
in that case eunan can play corner back next game
...i've no doubt that he could...he's some player!
Name: me
Hey just read the match report for the Eire Og match at the weekend. Excellent win. Glad to see the new management is working well. Alot of players in different positions & it worked.
Good players can play in many positions...and we have good players.
Name: I.P Freely
i think that d boys shud jus wear the tights without shorts! :D  
Name: u14
just wonderin is u14 match still on , on sunday morning

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