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Name: Úna M
Also anyone who did already volunteer and now can't help because of the matches can you please let us know!
Name: Gemma
We need alot of people to help around the club on Saturday from 11-2:30 when the U8-U12 will be playing on the new pitch. There will be over 10 stations & each station needs two people to show the kids how to perfect the skill. Creggan are involved in 3 matches on Saturday so we need everyone else there.
If you can go let Nuala Maguire, Roisin Devine, Colm McLarnon or myself know 07821586150. The wee's one need a run out aswell!
Name: supporter
Is the senior match v st pauls still gonna be played this saturday????
At this moment in time yes it has to be played as St. Pauls are unwilling to postpone it. As does the Div.5 match against O'Donnells.
Name: ...
6 days til the rip comences...:):):):)
Name: aidan
As one of the U16 mentors I would like to thank the squad for their hard work and dedication since early February. Although it was hugely disappointing to lose the match last night we can all be proud of what we achieved this year. We have reached three finals playing great football and have provided fantastic if nailbiting entertainment. The MASSIVE crowd at last night's match is testament to this.
I have no doubt that this squad will continue to flourish and will represent Creggan in many more finals to come.  
Name: Fan
What up with the senior football fixtures, they have seven games left and thats two weeks in a row matches have been called off, are we safe yet???
Have no idea what's going on. It's nearly the middle of October and we STILL can't get games scheduled for whatever reason....
Name: G
Well done to the u16s tonight they should of had it one the first time around but all played brilliant again. Some outstanding performances and players. Like marty, Decky, Conor,Matthew, Mark Russel and Fintan Burke well done all of use!
Name: reply til spectator down there...
creggan shud of had the game finished in the 1st half but failed to......if we're looking to win the division the teams gonna hafta buck up nd start pushing offence to the st bridgets team but they were nowere near creggan...its about time the management shud start replacing boys that are not league is won yet...5/6 games left....start pushing yourselves boys.
Name: Úna M
Any of the minors I was talking to last nite, heres the link to the Ulster website for the GAA bursary. Forms have to be returned to the Ulster council by the 1st of November so get them in! Its only 3pages so its worth fillin in if theres a chance you'll get handed £800 to help with uni!
Name: Niall
good luck 2 the u16s 2nite!
Name: spectator
i was at the reserve game and i dont tink the subs came on changed the game, the first sub came on in the 47thminute and creggan were winning by 8 pts.  The game was also blowen up 7mins early
Finally, somebody with a bit of sense and a grasp on reality!
Name: tommy
man..wat r u playin at.....i got a point in that junior game.a spectacular point it was te...:D...get it sorted
Name: ...suporter at the junior game
unan you faild to mention that there was 3 or 4 subs who came on to the field that basically turned the game in creggans favour...creggan abu
It's kinda hard to be playing and remembering who comes on or scores as well.  I will say that 3 of the 4 subs played their part in the victory though one in particular offered nothing......Tommy.
Name: MN
No way the goal was Cargin full backs:L
Name: Gems
Good Luck to the U16's on Wed nite. Great match on Sun. Hope all goes well (Im away working - ragn)

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