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Name: me
With all the unavailable players this weekend. Any thoughts on the starting 15 against Lamh Dhearg
Who are the ones that are unavailable this weekend...Odhran, MA, Artie, Charlie D, anybody else?
Name: outside lookin in
why no new up to date news reports come on there has to be something goin on
Most of the leagues have finished...If somebody wants to write the reports and send them in then they'll get posted. You wanna write one?
Name: reply to new topic
skeptical eunan...:D:D:D
Name: new topic
whos this eunan boyo...i hear hes a stallion
...and that's the end of this particular debate also....(but you're right!)
Name: Gael reply
just stop dragging this silly debate on! if the seniors are to stay up in division 1 hopefully they do it will finish off a great year for the club to date! and theres nothing wrong with giving young players the experience playing against the likes of cargin at this time of the year!
Ok...that's the end of the debate now.
Name: Club man
Eunan, please don't allow these silly posts to appear.  Everyone that's involved knows where we are and whats required's cheap.
OK...that's it, no more allowed on this subject.
Name: Gael
Don't tar me with that brush! It's just my opinion!
Name: Supporter
Why doesn't gael do us all a favour and keep his opinions to himself or go on his own Cargin website?? negativity like that helps no one!
Name: Counting Chickens
Maybe next year we should just get rid of all the senior players and replace them with the Minor players. Although lets bear in mind that there is a big transition from Minor footballer to Senior footballer and not every great under-age footballer can make that transition!!

Also Im sure Darrel, Mark, Artie, McNicholl, and Odhran will be happy to read they are labelled 'so called footballers crying off' given the last number of years they have put into the club to take us from Div. 2 to a Div 1 team!
Name: Gemma
Gael is obviously a Cargin man lol

I think the Cargin game was a vast improvement on the previous few games & hopefully the lads can keep it going & get a few points over the next two games. A bit of encouragement to get the extremely long season finished would definately go a long way. Any player (Past & present) knows that.
Name: reply to gael
Gael think with the young ones out there was a good performance!
It's November boys are tired some not had a break this year! Also young ones coming through:
Sam Cathal Shannon, Cathal Small, Paul Russell, Paul Nelson, hugh, ricky Fergal,BJ McKeown, big paddy, big seamus, Damien, and also have other ones like Conor mccann and marty j coming up. All up and coming players to strengthen our team! Along with ones like Dermot tommy Oistin peter Odhran Caolan mark adrian
Name: Gael
I would hardly say great to be honest, but maybe some talent there.
Name: Minor
Sure look at the likes of Ricky Hugh Odhran and Fergal who all on our senior panel. Also look at the ones just out of minor - Dermot, Thomas, Sam, Paul Russel, Cathal Shannon all great players like!
Name: Gael
Yes Gerard McCann and Kevin O'Boyle, but look at the likes of James Laverty,Martin Kane, JP McCann etc etc these lads havent even played yet. Just have my doubts thats all. But you are talking about not getting hammered, Cargin hit the crossbar and missed a bagful and we only scored 5 points, scoreline doesn't necessarily mean a good performance!
Name: creggan fan
just like to congratulate big tom winning Joint N.Antrim Junior Hurler of the Year!
well done thomas :)
Brilliant stuff Tommy...Well deserved big man!

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