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Name: outside lookin in
great comment from realist at  last somebody usin the guestbook  in a good way   got  fed up with muppets goin on about the forest and planks of wood  
Name: hurler
there is hurling training ovr in st marys m'felt tomorrow nite(wed) at 8pm sharp in the hall.its good to see all the younger boys training hard..
Name: realler ist
actually artie is coming back in due time if darrel doesnt want to play let him go.  No matter who leaves creggan fight and heart from other players will bring the senior team through.  I take it whoever wrote this didnt watch the trial on sunday, there were some great performances from reserve players and minors who will gain experience who all deserve their chance. Dont let this be an ongoing talking point, the new management and team are really focused this year and all the team needs is ongoing moaning and debates why someone is leaving.  How could anyone not play this year with the new pitch, facilities and management.
Name: Realist
Great to hear all the young bucks are making it out to early season training but the harsh reality is unless we get Arty and Darrell to reconsider their hasty retirements we don’t stand a chance of competing against Cargin or St. Galls.  I know, I know, the infamous: “you’ll win nothing with kids” but we need at least another year from these 2 top class experienced players in order to bring the younger players through.  You can’t expect minors to win a senior c’ship - too much too soon.

Let the 2 guys have their break; they’ve definitely earned it, but please keep the door open for their return.
Name: Impatient
Dinner dance pics. Dinner dance pics!!
Name: Gemma
Hey just a reminder for anyone who is interested in using the gym. You must be inducted before you will be allowed to use the machines. The doors will have access cards & these will only be given to people who have been inducted. There are only inductions at the specified times ie: Thur 7:30-9:00. Text me to book a time on thursday for an induction 07821586150
Name: member of the community
walked out my back door this morning and found a little wooden sword lying! the bushes rattled and i heard laughing i ran over with a stick and these hairy footed hobit like children ran out with a bag of my mushrooms and carrots from the greenhouse! ive come to the conclusion they must be children of the "musketeers"
Name: player
i agree about the wind thou i guess it will be the same for both teams, but a few trees planted wud make it feel a little less siberian! please plant a few trees!
Name: airebbbaaa
tell Eunan to get fotos up of dinnerdance
I'll pass it on to him...
Name: Jameson
It'd be a good spot for a wind turbine then so - free energy for the club.
Name: Reserve Player
Think its gonna be a new challenge playin on the new pitch this year, seems to be a constant wind straight down the field even on calm days.
Name: big aidey
i hav the video of the ulster intermediate championship.  tink we wer playing against armagh harps in the semi final.
Name: 1997 superstar
I have a copy of the Portglenone game. If there is a copy of the McDermots game Id like a copy of it too.
Name: Mad Dog
dog walker im with u, i also like che,though i think u may have bother catching these face painted warriors u talk about as they are highly trained in the art of guirella warfare,u may get hurt
Does anyone know who might have a video (DVD)of the two intermediate championships finals creggan played in against Portglenone and MCDermots. It would be grear to get  look at them or even download te action or clips onto thevideo link on this web site for old times sake.

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