U16 Hurling

05 May 2015

Resisting all temptations just to open the Jaffa Cakes and watch a trilling World Snooker Final, the U16 hurlers got back to winning ways on Monday night with a win over St MacNissi's. After the chaos of getting everyone on the pitch subsided, the lads played some fast and accurate hurling. Rumour has it that some spectators were so pleased that they wanted to leave £3 on their way out... Excellent performance lads. Next Monday we're away at Moneyglass.

Creggan Kickhams 6-16, St Mac Nissi's 4-04
Creggan: E Carey-Small; M McCann, A Hughes, J Sweeney; E McAteer; K McCann; C McCann; J McCann, D Carey; M Nelson, D Mulholland, E Og McAllister; O Grant