Eugene McAlynn 5K Fun Run

10 April 2012
Eugene was always associated and a member of Kickhams GAC not known for any football or hurling skills but always as a great runner. Anyone driving to Antrim or coming from it would have seen Eugene on the road and when you tooted the horn at him you would always get that small grin and then a nod of the head. One of the highlights of Eugene running at the club was the 6 mile run Gaelic Aid for Africa where he came up against a couple of marathon runners with lovely bouncy trainers, Eugene with his old black ones on him tagged along with the runners until he hit the old field. Three laps of the field finished the run and as the 3 men came into the field they thought it was between the 2 of them. It was an almighty pity they finished a lap and a half behind him as Eugene romped home at ease. Sadly Eugene was lost to his family,friends and ourselves at a very young age. His family put up a fantastic Cup that is put up each year for runners and walkers to honour Eugene with all proceeds going to a cancer charity.

The Eugene McAlynn 5K Fun Run took place yesterday beginning just after 11 with a good crowd participating. The run started at the club and continuing up to the Greenan crossroads, then back to the club with 2 laps to finish.

The McAlynn family would like to send their appreciation to the club, everyone that made it such a good day and everyone that took part and helped raise money for the cancer charity. Hopefully this will continue to grow and will lead to a great club and community day in the future!

Congratulations to the winner Sean McKeown on retaining the trophy.