NAHL Div. 1 - Kickhams Vs Ballycastle

08 August 2008
NAHL U-16 Div.1
21 July 2008
Kickhams Creggan 2-11
Ballycastle 8-11

Lads missing due to holidays and out with injuries contrived to be a factor in this match. It’s these games that a fully fit and present team is needed to have an impact against the so-called stronger clubs from hurling strongholds.

Both teams started nervously and after 10 minutes ‘Castle were leading 4 points to 3 points with Conor McCann’s runs at the opposition defence being halted illegally being an early feature. Conor himself scored all the first half scores and was unlucky with as many again, as a number of his attempts just trailed right and left of the uprights.

Half Time, Kickhams 0-07 Ballycastle 4-07

‘Castle seemed to get their scores at times when Creggan were applying good pressure on the visitors, but the Green & Gold never gave up. Dannan scored with ‘ground pulls’ that rose the sliothar over the bar on two occasions from the 21m line.

Creggan went all out attack to try and close the gap as Declan scored a point from way out on the 45m line and big Martin kicked a goal (that’s the footballer in him coming out!).

Overall a gutsy display, and according to one Ballycastle player Creggan were the only team to ‘run them close’ in the two league matched that they have played each other.

Kickhams scorers: Conor McCann (1-08), Martin Johnston (1-0), Dannan O’Hara (0-02), Declan McCann (0-01)

Match report kindly supplied by Paul O’Neill