Reserves Scotland Trip

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Reserve footballers successfully retained the Sands McSweeny Cup last weekend in Coatbridge, Glasgow. Due to financial constraints with our younger members and O'Cahan Cup commitments, the Reserves travelled with a panel of 13 players which included Pip O'Kane who stood between the posts!

The game was in doubt the whole way through the outward journey due to the atrocious weather conditions in Scotland and our valiant travellers were greeted on to the pitch by the sight of 4 yard brushes sweeping surface water off the pitch! Thankfully the game went ahead and Creggan ran out comfortable winners to retain their trophy.

Full praise and thanks must be extended to the patrons of Sands McSweeny GAA club who made us extremely welcome throughout our stay in Coatbridge and we look forward to returning again next year to defend our trophy.
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