Fintan & Mary give back!

05 December 2017

Earlier this year the Club and wider community rallied around to help Fintan & Mary and their families after their terrible RTA. A Big Breakfast morning and Auction was organised in which a significant amount of money was raised to help with the financial burden that came along with this tragedy.

In a good news story last week, a large sum of that money raised was donated back to the hospitals and units that performed a miracle to keep those 2 youngster alive. This money alone will never, and can never come close, to thanking those that operated on, cared for and rehabilitated (ongoing) Fintan & Mary.

A small delegation went this week and give out vouchers to the staff in the following departments. Antrim Area A&E, Barbour Ward ICU, Physio & Occupational therapy in the Royal Children's hospital, and other wards.

The families, Community & Club are so grateful and are delighted to see so much charity and hope come out of a terrible tragedy.