Update on Mary & Fintan

02 May 2017

Our lives have changed over the last few months and we are extremely humbled by the support we have been shown in many different ways from our friends, neighbours, colleagues, communities, schools and people near and far.We do not want to offend anyone by naming names and leaving someone out but we would like to thank all of you who donated, sponsored, attended or helped out at the big breakfast at Kickhams GAC. We will never be able thank everyone in person but please know we are greatful for all the support, prayers, messages and donations we have received.

Today was a great day for us. Mary got home for a few hours this morning it was very emotional but happy time for us all. Mary continues to fight infactions particularly in her lungs but she has come a long way from what anyone expected. She has good control in her right arm and slight movement in her left arm. She had been learning sign language to communicate with us but over the last week she has started to say a few words. We don't know how long Mary will remain in hospital but it is likely to be many months yet.

Fintan had the pins remove from his leg over Easter and is now in a cast for 6 weeks. He has recovered well and has started back to school part time.

We ask that you continue to pray not only for Mary but all sick children, all the hospital staff that help care for them all our family and friends and anyone affected by this terrible accident. 

Kevin, Amelia, Fintan, Mary and Katie